Chapter 15: Migration 1300-1750

National Facebook Page Project


Create a “mock” Facebook page for your assigned country/territory and era. Your page should seek to capture what has been happening in regards to exploration, migration, and change up to the assigned time period. I am not overly concerned if your content concludes slightly before or after your assigned time.


  • Must include a 2 paragraph overall description of your country, a Profile 15 points
  • Must include Likes and Dislikes 10 points
    • Likes
      • Focus on economics
      • Regions they expanded to
      • Changes that happened within the country
      • Migration patterns
    • Dislikes
      • Negative changes
      • Challenges faced by the country

  • Recent Status Updates 20 points
    • They should be historically accurate, they should be no more than 140
    • You should have at least 6-8 status updates to achieve the highest score
    • This is a great category for accomplishments and more depth

  • Post/Responses from your “Facebook Friends” 10 points
    • These also must be no more than 140 characters
    • These should be from countries who you may interact or even compete with
    • You should have at least 4-6 posts

  • Images/Creativity 20 points
    • Show me where you have been and what you have been doing via pictures,
Maps, paintings, and drawings, and other extras
Total: 75 Points

MEDIUM: Where will you do this? Great question, I don’t want it actually on Facebook, I don’t want to be your friends that badly.
You have two options. You can use the Facebook template provided or you can create it using the wiki pages provided below. I believe collaboration may be easier using the wiki but that you may like the "look" of the template better. It is entirely your choice. Good luck.

Period 2
Period 3
England 1700
England 1700
Ottomans 1600
Ottomans 1600
Safavid Persia
Safavid Persia
Ming/Manchu China
Ming/Manchu China
Africa (1650)