Friday, March 12th

Class generated Han presentations

Review two powerpoints made by other groups.
Come up with
2 pieces of warm(positive feedback)
2 pieces of cool(negative feedback)
3 most essential ideas regarding the Han

Thursday, March 11th

The powerpoint provided is an outline of your reading on the Han empire. However, it is a very limited outline with few specifics. To the best of your ability, edit, and add to the powerpoint provided. You may only use each other and what you remember from your notes and reading. Emphasis should be placed upon specifics, details, and significance.

When completed:
Save the powerpoint as (GroupName)ch7Hanppt
Login in to HS Stoorage----Staff-----Johnsma------Student data-------Pd 3 and upload your file so that we can look at them as a class.
Good luck

Thursday, March 4th, 2010- Meredith Meyer

Homework: Pages 208-214 Chart due Monday (15 points)

Taoism (Daoism)

Time Period

Significant Texts

4-6 Major Principles

Who it appealed to?

We watched a short clip about the Qin emperor and the Terra Cotta Army and looked at a few panoramas of the Terra Cotta army.Terracottaarmy

Evaluation of Ch'in Shih Huang Ti as an emperor according to the standards of the Han dynasty:

1) Heavenly Base:
Good- Accepted an believed/practiced the Mandate of Heaven
Groups were split
2) Earthly Base:
Good- Great Wall, defended China
Irrigation, canals, roads
Bad- Had people do work for him, wasn't involved in the farm work
3) Human Base:
Bad- Didn't enrich culture or encourage learning for people.
Burned books
Good- Made a lot of public works. Standardized systems (weights and measures)