Judaism: A Student Created Web Activity

In groups of your choice, create a google sites page documenting the early history, beliefs and practices of Judaism. It should include sections on early history, laws, and a category of your choice. It should utilize resources from the University of Delaware's Internet Resources for Jewish Studies that you think they should learn from and that will interest them. You may go beyond this but seek to interest them. Finally, your site should be a combination of primary sources, secondary sources, images, games, video, and more to educate a viewer. A student should be able to work through what you have created in approximately 35-40 minutes.


You should

Expose the class to a balanced view(historical and religious) of Judaism and its early history

15 points

Explain basic beliefs and practices of Judaism: Does it Teach?

15 points

Incorporate Video, Images, and other extras

15 points

Creative appearance, interesting and provides an interactive experience:

10 points

Grammar, fonts, layout, and web page design and function

5 points

Use of Primary Sources/Presence of Works Cited(MLA)

15 points

75 points

You will have time in class to work. You may work on this out of class. You will also have reading assignments to keep up throughout. I anticipate sharing websites on Monday April 11th.

By: Kirin Naidu
By: Kirin Naidu

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I did the dove as my shape because doves are the symbol of peace, and Buddhism is very peaceful.

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Buddhism Wordle - Matthew Ball

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