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February 24, 2010

Politics in the Gilded Age
Same party controlled House ad Senate only 3 times
Both agreed on:
  • Protective Tariff
  • Changing civil service( despite heavy use of patronage)
  • Gold backed currency (until 1896)
see chart on Moodle [Politics in the Gilded Age]
Grant wins the election of 1872 by the "Bloody Shirt " -Why put the Democrats in office when they just fought a war against us
-Grant wins by the Bloody Shirt and by the African-Americans that can now vote. "The War has been won but the peace has not been won."
Election 1876- Tilden v. Hayes: LA, FL, SC disputed because of the slave population. Decided by a committee of 15 men from Senate, House and Supreme Court: back room dealings. Democrats sacrificed Tilden in order to get the troops out of the South. Republicans sacrifice the South in order to stay in office.
Election 1880- Hancock v. Garfield Disputes over civil service and the patronage system Garfield assassinated.
Election 1884- Cleveland v. Blaine- Cleveland an avid supporter of the patronage, despite Garfield's death. Possibility of an illegitimate son on Cleveland's part
Election 1892- Cleveland v. Weaver. disputes over
  • labor
  • currency
  • tariff
  • depression of 1893 created a grid lock.
- looked at political cartoons.


Nick Baile

- First we watched the remaining parts of the movie. It was all about Lincoln’s assassination and the aftermath
- Then we found out that Michael got first, second, or third in the essay competition
- Then we discussed the Reconstruction:
o Things needed to be fixed:
• Railroads
• Buildings
• Agricultural things
• What crops to use
• Soldiers of the confederacy
• Representation for south
• Food for south
• Bridges
• Free slaves
• Status in U.S.
• Where are they going to go
• Do they get to vote?
• Do they work?
- Then we got a project about the reconstruction
o Table 1 is pro
o Table 2 is con
o Table 3 is pro
o Table 4 is con