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Hi, I’m China. I hold one-fifth of the world’s population.
I live in the eastern hemisphere, next to the Pacific Ocean
and north of the Indian Ocean. I often have to deal with
the invaders to the north of me, for example the Mongols.
I grow many crops on my land, which improve the health
of my people. Allow me to give you a brief story of my life.

Ming Empire

Who is in control of me is constantly changing. Back in
1211, I was transferred from the hands of the Song dynasty
into those of the Yuan dynasty with the invasion of
Chinggis Khan. Later, I was ruled by the Ming dynasty
that drove out the Mongols. In about 1600, under the Ming
dynasty, I was doing very well. The Great Wall was rebuilt
on my northern border. Then came the Qing dynasty.
My population fell and my borders were expanded.
With the introduction of new crops from the New World
things started looking up again.

Treaties with Russia,
Improving trade routes and crops,
Growing population,
Rebuilding the Great Wall
Pacifying northern barbarians,
Invaders from the north,

Status Updates:
China Just got conquered by invaders from the North as the Manchus established the Qing Dynasty

China We recently negotiated our disputes with Russia by establishing the treaty of Nerchinsk!
May 12, 1689 Like Comment

China The Ming Dynasty just recently repaired the Great Wall! Their section of the wall stretches over 3915 miles!
October 15, 1644 Like Comment

China Just got conquered by invaders from the North as the Manchus established the Qing Dynasty.
July 21, 1644 Like Comment

China Our economy is flourishing. We contain 150 million people and one fifth of the world’s population!
March 17, 1600 Like Comment

China Just got invaded and conquered by Chinggis Khan. He destroyed the Song dynasty in the process of invasion.
August 28, 1211 Like Comment

Wall Posts:

newworld.jpgNew World I heard you were having great success with sweet potato, maize, and peanuts. I wonder where you got that idea…
December 7, 1752 Like Comment

russia-flag.jpgRussia It was a pleasure to negotiate the Treaty of Nerchinsk with you.
Treaty of Nerchinsk

July 22, 1689 Like Comment

pic81.jpgSafavid Persia Best of luck in your efforts to defend from the Mongols. We had to deal with that a while back, too.
March 3, 1510 Like Comment

mongolwww.jpg The Mongols Don’t think for a second that we’re going to leave your northern border
June 19, 1508 Like Comment