October 9-Mr. Johns

Class read "The Mysteries of the Nile on Teenbiz.
Class had the remainder of the period to work on their chapter 2 section 1 vocabulary. This is due on Tuesday. Monday will be spent looking at the Sumerians and starting to look at Trade and Invaders.

Note: Chapter 2 section 1 study guide was visually checked for completion and homework. If you did not complete it for today, make sure you get it done.

October 5

Class worked on TeenBiz 3000 preassessments.
The remaining part of the period was spent on chapter 2 section 1 study guides which are due tomorrow.
Chapter 1 tests will be returned tomorrow. Scores are available on sappire.

Chapter 2 section 1 study guide due Tuesday
Chapter 2 section 1 vocabulary due Wednesday