Africa Period 2
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We were always a major part in the world trade. Since at least 1000 C.E.,
men from everywhere wanted to come here to get some of the most
expensive articles: gold, ivory, and slaves. Unfortunately, our military was
to weak to defend ourselves from the powerful European empires.
They quickly took control of our lands and our resources. The Dutch
were at Cape Colony along with the French and the German, the
British were on the West coast, and the Spanish in the North. It
quickly became clear that the only reason why they were in our country
was for slavery. Our gold production was done and I heard that apparently
they found a bigger source in the Americas. The kept trading the slaves
with us because they couldn’t go inland to get them themselves. We
didn’t have the military power or the expertise to do so, they needed us.
They were harsh and cruel with our people, but they paid us money we
couldn’t refuse. Our job was to go inland, find people, enslave them,
and bring them back to the Europeans. In the end, we delivered almost
12 million slaves over less the 400 years.

Username: AFRICA (1650)
Creating the Songhay Empire right now.

Just received some crops like corn,manioc, and cassava from the Atlantic trade.

Trying to limit the slave trade, but the African and European traders have too much power.

Bringing gold and slaves to Cape Coast and Elina to trade with European shippers.

The Dutch are settling in Cape Colony and taking all of our good farmland.=(

Getting silk cloth and cotton from Muslim and Arab traders.
5 minutes ago

Slavery, Gold, and Ivory.
The Indian and Atlantic Ocean.
Dutch East India Company
Southern Africa
European Colonization in Africa.

The Dutch---- Hey Africa how's it going? Anyway just letting you know we just settled in Cape Colony. Don't worry about all the farmland. We'll take care of it.
Dutch East India Company---- Hey we just settled on your southern tip. PS, NEED MORE SLAVES.
England-- Hey Africa just letting you know that were going to settle on your Western coast.
Portugal-- Hey Africa I herd about this "Slave Trade". Wondering if we can get in the action. Let us know ASAP.
England-- Hey Africa you know how the Dutch settled in your southern tip? Well we just took over Cape colony and now we own the south. Just letting you know.

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Relationship Status:

In a relationship with Europe and it is complicated

Current Continent

India a.k.a Akabar
Safavid Persia
Ming/ Manchu China
Dutch East India Company