Buddha: A Student Created Web Activity

In groups of your choice, create a wikipage documenting the history of Buddhism. It should include sections on early history, enlightenment, and a category of your choice. Expose the class to parts of The Buddha: A PBS Special that you think they should learn from and that will interest them. A student should be able to work through what you have created in approximately 35-40 minutes.


You should

Expose the class to a balanced history of the Buddha and his enlightenment

10 points

Explain basic tenants of Buddhism and its practice

10 points

Incorporate Video and Images

10 points

Creative appearance, interesting and provides an interactive experience: Takes advantage of as much as possible that the website has to offer

10 points

Grammar, fonts, layout, and wiki design

10 points


50 points

You will have Tuesday, Wednesday, and some of Thursday in class to work. You may work on this out of class. You will also have reading assignments to keep up with this week. Good luck and be prepared to share at the beginning of class on Friday. Each group(5) has its own page to work on for the project. Please make sure you are only adapting and editing your group's pages.

Sample Page
The Buddha-1
The Buddha-2
The Buddha-3
The Buddha-4
The Buddha-5
The Buddha-6

Please embed your Wordle creation by following these instructions:
  1. Copy your embed code from wordle
  2. Come here, click on edit.
  3. Click on the "Widget" button above.
  4. Choose "Other"
  5. Paste your embed code into the box provided
  6. Click save.
Good Luck

Danni Engwall

Matthew Allan

Marissa Hollinger

Rebecca Lopez